Jackie & Jeremy were spectacularly engaged in Laguna Beach, CA on 10/5/2017. There was wine, there were singing gondoliers, there was kissing under bridges, and secret family pictures from a distance.

They met in 2013 when Jackie was just beginning her doctoral degree, and Jeremy was just getting acquainted to the city of Seattle. As they were beginning to realize this was more than friendship, so began the silly romantic passing of poems and love notes:

I’ve been looking for you.

Peering into art stained alleyways

And glass houses

Because I knew you lived in Contrasts.

Embedded in sidewalk cracks and

Skyscrapers, you became a symbol For


Little did I know you had been

Sitting just across from me for

Ages. Noticing your eyes but,

Afraid to see.

Soon, rooms themselves disappeared, allowing

Nothing more to enter than Our

Conversation. Laughter. Smiles.